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Letter From The Managers

We are incredibly excited to present our 2018-2019 Year-End Report to you: our friends, partners, and supporters. This Year-End Report provides a glimpse into the impact we’ve made through our nonprofit services and the growth of our internal initiatives.

Redefining Identity

As we celebrate 14 years of growth and success, we wanted to reflect on who we are as an organization. We reconnected with our roots as an organization that started from a Kravis Leadership Institute case competition. In that competition, a small group of Claremont McKenna College students presented the need for students to come together, follow their passions and get involved with the transformative nonprofit community of the Inland Empire.

Since the beginning, we’ve always strived to accomplish two goals: effectively empower the nonprofits around us and continuously develop as individuals. We wanted to refocus on our initial goals so we’ve simplified our mission to encompass just that: Empower nonprofits. Develop students.

As you’ll read in this 2018-2019 Year-End Report, the two components of our mission are deeply intertwined. Empowerment and development can only happen together. We can only add value to our client partnerships if we invest in ourselves, and we invest in ourselves through direct work with our clients.

Strengthening Community

SOURCE has always relied upon the strength of our community. We feel so blessed to have brilliant alumni, passionate nonprofits, generous supporters and the close-knit Claremont McKenna College family.

This year, we’ve hosted three alumni-led workshops for SOURCE Consultants to learn more about fundraising, client dynamics and post-graduation careers. Our Consultants instantly began applying their new knowledge to their client partnerships.

We grew our relationship with Claremont McKenna College by providing opportunities for the general student body through a consulting case workshop, a case competition with Pomona Hope and our annual Symposium in the Athenaeum. The case competition allowed Pomona Hope to get new perspectives on their problem statement while our Symposium facilitated conversations between our nonprofit partners and CMC students.

We also continued to develop our nonprofit partnerships. We had seven of the most dynamic client partnerships in SOURCE’s history, with missions ranging from education to justice to homelessness and more. Our nonprofit clients pushed us to be better consultants and inspired us with their selfless work. You can read more about the partnerships below.

In addition to our client partnerships, we also hosted 8 IdeaJams, 3 Nonprofit Lunch & Learns and and a Task Force with The Fairplex in Pomona. Through these opportunities, we shared our expertise with more groups and learned more about the nonprofit landscape.

Growing Sustainably

All of this reflection enables us to continue growing as an organization. By understanding our roots, SOURCE can focus on what’s important: our nonprofit partners and our consultants.

As we plan for our 15th year in 2020, we are filled with gratitude for how far we’ve come and we look forward with excitement to where we’ll go next. We are incredibly thankful for our community. We could not have had such a successful year without our nonprofit partners, our hardworking consultants and our supportive stakeholders. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts!


Lisa Hao, Lili Muskal, and Kelly Lyons

Developing our Students

Katrina Frei-Herrmann

Associate Consultant

The Unexpected Support: Feedback and the First-Year

When I first applied for SOURCE, I really did not know what I was getting myself into. I knew I loved nonprofits and I kind of knew something about consulting. But I did not expect the amount of support and structure I would receive my first year through the Associate Consultant (AC) Program.

Benjamin Wolters

Lead Consultant

Self-Help Books Didn’t Teach Me to Lead; SOURCE Did

Leading any group of people is challenging. Leading smart, hard-working people isn’t any easier. They are the confident team members you want by your side, but they also tend to have the strongest ideas about how things should be done. Every person on my SOURCE team this year was a leader. And every person on my team could have led the team instead of me.

Empowering our Nonprofit Partners

Olivia Ison

Lead Consultant

Raising a Nonprofit

Most nonprofits are bred from passion; they are coordinated responses to a recognized need. An individual or a group of people is struck by a problem, then sets out to address it. In doing so, they often focus more on their work externally than internally; they focus on where the passion is concentrated. However, despite the undeniable power and momentum born from passion, organizations must also build strong foundations to increase their impact and grow sustainably.

Grace Hickey

Associate Consultant

A Country Called Syria: The Power of IdeaJams

Leading my first IdeaJam was both daunting and thrilling. When I first joined SOURCE at the start of the year, I never could have imagined myself taking on so much responsibility as an Associate Consultant. Yet, when I found out that I would be leading an IdeaJam with A Country Called Syria, I was excited to help and hoping for the best.

SOURCE 2018-2019 Nonprofit Partnerships

A Summary of SOURCE's Key Deliverables

Pomona Hope

Mitchell Black '20,
Maezelle Millan ‘21,
Kathleen (Kalee) Cummings ‘21,
Peter Brody-Moore '19,
Not Pictured: Bryan Carlen '20

Pomona Hope

Mission: Pomona Hope is a community-driven, faith-based non-profit whose local partnerships and holistic programs cultivate meaningful relationships and empower people of all backgrounds, particularly at-risk youth and their families, to work together toward personal and community transformation.

The SOURCE team:

  • Presented a Personnel Policy Guide to the new Executive Director.
  • Proposed a CRM implementation strategy.
  • Created a “Save the Garden” fundraising strategy.
  • Helped apply for grants and establish corporate sponsorship.

Claremont Canopy

Olivia Ison ‘21
Qinfei Zou '21,
Andrea Tattersfield '21
Liam Brennan-Burke '21,
Not Pictured: Megan Tankersley '20

Claremont Canopy

Mission: Claremont Canopy addresses the obstacles facing refugees by working with community leaders to provide resources for employment, education, and community integration.

The SOURCE team:

  • Interviewed each individual member of the organization.
  • Conducted SWOT analysis and presented an overall trend analysis.
  • Redefined organizational roles.
  • Compiled resources and partnerships.
  • Recommended creative marketing strategies.

Trinity Youth Services

Josh Dorman ‘20,
Maxine Baghdadi '21,
Chloe Gubbay '22,
Jordan Venglass '21

Trinity Youth Services

Mission: Trinity Youth Services provides quality short-term residential programs, foster care and adoption services, and mental health programs to traumatized, abused, neglected and abandoned children.

The SOURCE team:

  • Performed a regional data analysis, identified marketing outreach opportunities and created messaging to recruit more foster families.

Ability First

Harrison Schreiber '22,
Katrina Frei-Herrmann '22,
Janet Chen '21,
Bridget McCarthy '20,
Bruno Youn '19,
William Edwards '19

Ability First

Mission: Ability First provides a variety of programs designed to help people with disabilities achieve their personal best throughout their lives. We do this by: creating targeted programming to help an individual successfully transition from childhood to adult life.

The SOURCE team:

  • Created a fundraising trends and Giving Day best practices report.
  • Designed a personal narratives template and incorporated into fundraising asks.

Claremont Homeless Advocacy Program

Brendan Suh '19,
Brooklyn Button '22,
Joshua Tatum '21,
Benjamin Wolters '21

Claremont Homeless Advocacy Program

Mission: Claremont Homeless Advocacy Program is focused on providing empowering mentorship to enable single men and women to work again and secure sustainable housing.

The SOURCE team:

  • Surveyed volunteers and created a comprehensive volunteer report and recruitment strategy.
  • Put CHAP on and LinkedIn
  • Developed volunteer-centric organizational descriptions and volunteer descriptions.
  • Aggregated large volume of volunteer testimonials.
  • Created and developed entirely new volunteer-centric website.

Pilgrim Place

Grace Hickey '22,
Nicholas Maurice '22,
Kelly Lyons '21,
Rei Imada '20,
Kara Schachter '19

Pilgrim Place

Mission: Pilgrim Place works towards fostering a vibrant and inclusive senior community committed to justice and peace.

The SOURCE team:

  • Identified need for building deconstruction and conducted research regarding building deconstruction tailored to client’s specifications.
  • Presented a building deconstruction strategy to the client.
  • Performed organization-wide focus group analysis to pinpoint main strengths for marketing strategy.

Children's Advocacy Center

Natasha Reyes ‘19,
Adhitya Venkatraman '22,
Rachel Alaynick '20,
William (Wade) Klein '21,
Not Pictured: Max Sickinger '20

Children's Advocacy Center

Mission: The Children’s Advocacy Center is committed to using a multi-disciplinary team approach to assist children who are victims of physical or sexual abuse, or who have witnessed acts of violence, as well as providing these services to people of any age with developmental disabilities. All services will be provided in a supportive environment by individuals trained in national best practices to optimize positive outcomes and reduce trauma.

The SOURCE team:

  • Created marketing messaging to new donors including a tagline, video and pamphlet.
  • Revised marketing message language.
  • Conducted current/potential donor analysis to select target donor group and develop strategies around their needs/interests.

Client Services - $37,200

SOURCE provides pro-bono personalized services for our nonprofit clients to make SOURCE's services accessible to nonprofits of all sizes and budgets. We fundraise externally in order to pay our consultants for their work.

Student Development - $2,020

SOURCE is committed to student development. In addition to hosting monthly workshops targeted to develop our newly hired Associate Consultants, SOURCE hosted 6 workshops for the 2018-2019 year. For example, we had Steven Screen from Better Fundraising present on general fundraising best practices and hold individual workshops.

Culture - $2,035

A tight-knit and cohesive culture is key to SOURCE’s success. This year, we diversified our events by having a range of individuals plan and host various activities. We shared a Thanksgiving meal together, played board games and ate a lot of Trader Joe's snacks.

Internal Projects - $5,964

Our internal projects are essential for growing SOURCE's capacity and providing different development opportunities. This year, our internal projects ranged from hosting more interactive Nonprofit Lunch and Learns to growing SOURCE's social media presence. We hosted our first school-wide Case Competition at Claremont McKenna College and created a Task Force to work with The Fairplex at Pomona.

Thank You To Our Donors!

SOURCE Seniors 2018

Celebrating our graduating seniors and their post-graduation plans

Brendan Suh

Bain & Company - Associate Consultant

Bruno Youn

Qualtrics - Product Specialist

Ethan Tom

Mercer - Career Consulting Analyst

Kara Schachter

BCG Digital Ventures - Product Manager

Lili Muskal

Amgen - Finance Associate

Natasha Reyes

Accenture - HR Talent Accelerator Program

Peter Brody-Moore

Analysis Group - Analyst

William Edwards

KPMG - Transfer Pricing Associate

Our 2018-2019 SOURCE Clients

Thank you for a wonderful year of partnership and community impact